The Curious Mom: Bizarre Yet Effective Health and Beauty Practices

Modern times appear to have ushered in an era of insatiable curiosity. It’s subsequently easy to think of today’s women as an image-obsessed clique; ready to take on weird health and beauty practices. Many forget that these treatments have been passed down from the previous generations. Below are some of the ritual-like practices to give a try.

Animal poo

hdhdd64Ancient Greeks and Romans used a mixture of animal waste materials because of the active ingredients that they were perceived to contain. Scientific studies reveal that crocodiles have high-level bile content along their digestive tracts. Filling a bathtub with the crocodile dung for a full-body massage is therefore commendable for those who are in search of wild and natural ways to tone their bodies.

Getting freshly harvested crocodile feces can be a difficult undertaking unless you live near a crocodile farm. Going after crocodiles in their natural habitats can also is dangerous, leaving you with bird droppings as the safest option. Tradition dictates that you stick to nightingale droppings in particular because they have the natural enzymes that eliminate dead skin.

The cleansing effect it offers is usually quick and efficient, making it a fly-by-night health and beauty treatment that dates back to the ancient Japan. Modern technology enables you to use the bird droppings in a more civilized way as you can buy it as an over the counter health and beauty product in the form of a white aromatic powder.

The vampire and the leech treatment

Vampire treatment is a classical and complicated and health and beauty procedure. It involves drawing blood from your arm. Platelets are then extracted from the blood and injected into your face’s blood circulatory system. Scientifically, the world is yet to unravel how the procedure prevents skin wrinkles.

Top Hollywood actors and silver screen beauty queens admit their involvement in bizarre beauty practices. This has brought about the unprecedented rise in the number of women who are cut for the curious mom slot. Leeches are at the center stage in this endeavor. Intentionally sticking them on your skin to suck off your blood provides you with an enzyme that they release into your body in return. The protein gets rid of toxins that catalyze the aging process to prolong your youthful days.

Dimple machines and anal bleaching

hgdhgdd64The curious mom phenomenon has inspired the invention of many innovative beauty and health products. Pimples treatment using a machine has been in practice since 1936. The original machine had spring-loaded knobs, lowering their comfort. The machine’s evolution over the years attests to the fact that it works and you should give it a try as the curious mom who lives in a world that believes in the “no pain no beauty” philosophy
Anal bleaching is on the rise as well. Inspired by the adult entertainment industry, more and more people are looking for ways to have an even skin color and tone at every stretch and inch of their bodies.


Great ways to relieve stress

Stress is one of the worst enemies of many people especially now that the world seems to has become extremely demanding. At work, tensions or pressure may start to build up; meetings, deadlines, presentations, etc. All of which can take their toll on your everyday living. And once the stress has taken over, you become unproductive in everything that you try to do. You would feel like you are becoming useless, which could lead to depression later on.

For this reason, it is crucial that you know how to manage stress. You don’t have to go for an expensive health retreat just so you can relieve stress. In your own simple ways, you can overcome it.

How to relieve stress

There are simple things that you can do to cope up with stress. As long as you identify which one works best for you, there is no doubt that you will be able to get back to your old self; a happy and productive individual.

Watch music videos

hjjdd64We all know that music is very powerful as it has the ability to improve one’s mood. So, whenever you are feeling stressed out, why don’t you go ahead and watch music videos? You can make a compilation of all your favorite artists’ songs and music videos so you can play them anytime you want. When storing such multimedia files, it is essential that you know how to convert the video to a format that is compatible with your device.

While you are watching music videos, you will notice that your mood will start to change. You would feel better.


Another great way to manage stress is to meditate. You need to go somewhere peaceful, away from distractions and let your mind relax. You can go to the beach, or you can simply stay for a few hours in your room. To do this, you have to sit up straight and then close your eyes while you are reciting your favorite mantra. According to the experts, this helps attract positive vibes.

Spend time with your loved ones

djhjdd64There is no better way to cope up with stress than spending quality time with people whom you love. These could be your friends or your family. Do something worthwhile with them. Maybe you can play some games, watch some movies, or go camping. All of which will take the stress away.


What Are The Causative Factors of Gut Bloating

Everyone from time to time experiences gut bloating, but we are too ashamed to admit it. All of this bloating can be painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing. We often think that a quick resolve can be found in some form of antacid medication but that may not always be helpful. Sometimes we know why we are feeling this bloating sensation such as spicy foods or fried foods, but there are may be some other hidden factors that you may never have thought.

Causative Factors Of Gut Bloating


As we discussed in the earlier paragraph, bloating is sometimes caused by something simple such as the foods we are consuming on a daily basis. When the person first begins eating, they do not feel that gassy pressure and feel perfectly healthy. In the next hour is when the bloating occurs.

This bloating can be caused by eating too much simple or complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are foods such as white bread, donuts, pastries, cake, etc., and complex carbohydrates are potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, parsnips and other root vegetables. Too many carbs will cause that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.


Sometimes the pain gets to be very bad, and it is only resolved with an increase in dietary fiber. This pain and bloating are attributed to illness. Gratefully this is an easy problem to solve. The easiest way and the healthiest way is to eat more fiber-rich foods simply to help your digestive tract keep moving. If the situation has persisted for more than two days, a natural remedy is to boil prunes and drink the tea (eat the prunes afterwards).

If you are looking for medical over the counter aid, then a laxative will help much quicker but be careful about not using this method considerably. When laxative is regularly used, you are telling your intestines that they do not have to work as hard to process the waste. Remember your intestines are muscles that must be used to work properly.


Our Western jmkmned6t26dy27u28i22o02osociety may be a beautiful place, but our eating habits are not the best. We consume more sodium in our meals than what is needed for our bodies. Combining the ingestion of salty foods and lack of water intake it causes the stomach to bloat and makes it hard to stay regular.

Dehydration is also a cause of bloating in the gut. Your body needs water for survival and to move cells, help the organs do their jobs and so on. So when your body sees that there is a lack of H2O, it clutches the excess water so that in the future the body will not get dehydrated. This action causes constipation as well as bloating, and it has the most simple of all cures. Just drink at least eight glasses a day.


The Main Reasons To Know Your Family Health History

Family medical history is a record of relevant health information about an individual and his or her close relatives both paternal and maternal that identifies a wide range of markers from environmental to genetic that influences their health. A thorough record usually includes at least three generations of relatives and helps healthcare professionals determine the hereditary medical condition that runs in the family thereby aiding in their prevention or management. This history records information of both living and deceased members of the extended family.

Common genetic disorders

  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Down Syndrome
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Celiac disease
  • Asthma
  • Heart diseases and strokes
  • Some types of cancers

Reasons to know your family health historytg2ed6y27edu28u292i

Despite some diseases being hereditary, some of their risk factors can be manipulated in the event the doctor has early and prior knowledge of them. Steps can be taken to reduce the severity of the disease. Herein are some of the reasons why you should know your family health history:

Tests and screens

This is very fundamental as it helps in the adept management and prevention of any likely hereditary diseases. This reduces the risk of developing the diseases and in case it is incurable minimizes its severity.

Lifestyle changes

Family medical history helps people make lifestyle changes and adopt healthier decisions like changes of diet, quit smoking or drinking or increase exercise regimen as a way of lowering their chances of developing certain genetic diseases.

Genetic markers

In some cases, it prevents the passing on of some genetic markers on to the children through modern genetic treatments that can be used to the parents and as such reduce the risk of passing the diseases through generations.

Hereditary diseases

A comprehensive health history helps reduce the likelihood of misdiagnosis of likely hereditary diseases that present symptoms that can be easily mistaken for other diseases. It is also a very important accessory especially during an emergency when family members are overwhelmed as it gives accurate information on the patients.

Genetic disorders

In cases whnjme5dt2e62y272u82here genetic disorders are not treatable, family health history plays a very crucial role in couples’ decision to have or not have children to prevent the high risk of passing on diseases especially those that show symptoms on the onset.

Preventive surgeries

In addition to helping one calculate their risk of contracting the disease family, medical health history helps in determining whether preventive surgeries or procedures, if any, are a viable option to eliminate the disorders.