What Are The Causative Factors of Gut Bloating

Everyone from time to time experiences gut bloating, but we are too ashamed to admit it. All of this bloating can be painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing. We often think that a quick resolve can be found in some form of antacid medication but that may not always be helpful. Sometimes we know why we are feeling this bloating sensation such as spicy foods or fried foods, but there are may be some other hidden factors that you may never have thought.

Causative Factors Of Gut Bloating


As we discussed in the earlier paragraph, bloating is sometimes caused by something simple such as the foods we are consuming on a daily basis. When the person first begins eating, they do not feel that gassy pressure and feel perfectly healthy. In the next hour is when the bloating occurs.

This bloating can be caused by eating too much simple or complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are foods such as white bread, donuts, pastries, cake, etc., and complex carbohydrates are potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, parsnips and other root vegetables. Too many carbs will cause that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.


Sometimes the pain gets to be very bad, and it is only resolved with an increase in dietary fiber. This pain and bloating are attributed to illness. Gratefully this is an easy problem to solve. The easiest way and the healthiest way is to eat more fiber-rich foods simply to help your digestive tract keep moving. If the situation has persisted for more than two days, a natural remedy is to boil prunes and drink the tea (eat the prunes afterwards).

If you are looking for medical over the counter aid, then a laxative will help much quicker but be careful about not using this method considerably. When laxative is regularly used, you are telling your intestines that they do not have to work as hard to process the waste. Remember your intestines are muscles that must be used to work properly.


Our Western jmkmned6t26dy27u28i22o02osociety may be a beautiful place, but our eating habits are not the best. We consume more sodium in our meals than what is needed for our bodies. Combining the ingestion of salty foods and lack of water intake it causes the stomach to bloat and makes it hard to stay regular.

Dehydration is also a cause of bloating in the gut. Your body needs water for survival and to move cells, help the organs do their jobs and so on. So when your body sees that there is a lack of H2O, it clutches the excess water so that in the future the body will not get dehydrated. This action causes constipation as well as bloating, and it has the most simple of all cures. Just drink at least eight glasses a day.