The Curious Mom: Bizarre Yet Effective Health and Beauty Practices

Modern times appear to have ushered in an era of insatiable curiosity. It’s subsequently easy to think of today’s women as an image-obsessed clique; ready to take on weird health and beauty practices. Many forget that these treatments have been passed down from the previous generations. Below are some of the ritual-like practices to give a try.

Animal poo

hdhdd64Ancient Greeks and Romans used a mixture of animal waste materials because of the active ingredients that they were perceived to contain. Scientific studies reveal that crocodiles have high-level bile content along their digestive tracts. Filling a bathtub with the crocodile dung for a full-body massage is therefore commendable for those who are in search of wild and natural ways to tone their bodies.

Getting freshly harvested crocodile feces can be a difficult undertaking unless you live near a crocodile farm. Going after crocodiles in their natural habitats can also is dangerous, leaving you with bird droppings as the safest option. Tradition dictates that you stick to nightingale droppings in particular because they have the natural enzymes that eliminate dead skin.

The cleansing effect it offers is usually quick and efficient, making it a fly-by-night health and beauty treatment that dates back to the ancient Japan. Modern technology enables you to use the bird droppings in a more civilized way as you can buy it as an over the counter health and beauty product in the form of a white aromatic powder.

The vampire and the leech treatment

Vampire treatment is a classical and complicated and health and beauty procedure. It involves drawing blood from your arm. Platelets are then extracted from the blood and injected into your face’s blood circulatory system. Scientifically, the world is yet to unravel how the procedure prevents skin wrinkles.

Top Hollywood actors and silver screen beauty queens admit their involvement in bizarre beauty practices. This has brought about the unprecedented rise in the number of women who are cut for the curious mom slot. Leeches are at the center stage in this endeavor. Intentionally sticking them on your skin to suck off your blood provides you with an enzyme that they release into your body in return. The protein gets rid of toxins that catalyze the aging process to prolong your youthful days.

Dimple machines and anal bleaching

hgdhgdd64The curious mom phenomenon has inspired the invention of many innovative beauty and health products. Pimples treatment using a machine has been in practice since 1936. The original machine had spring-loaded knobs, lowering their comfort. The machine’s evolution over the years attests to the fact that it works and you should give it a try as the curious mom who lives in a world that believes in the “no pain no beauty” philosophy
Anal bleaching is on the rise as well. Inspired by the adult entertainment industry, more and more people are looking for ways to have an even skin color and tone at every stretch and inch of their bodies.