Latest Asian Hairstyles for Men

Men always give tremendous value to their hairstyles and continue experimenting with their men’s hairstyles. Choices are endless. In hairstyles, Caucasian styles usually are hard to replicate only due to different face types and hair textures. But it is not the end of the planet. For Asian guys, there are various alternatives out there. Do not give in to the stereotypical Asian jar cut. You will find, in actuality, a lot more, which we can attain with our hair. However, ensure the hair cut and style trends  fit you.

Short and Slick

haircutStarting with a more mature appearance, we’ve got a trendy hairstyle appropriate for a company meeting or even a semi-formal celebration. The technique for this particular design is relatively straightforward. The most challenging part is your fringe/bangs, but by employing some powerful wax backward with your fingers, the knee will lie back and seem natural. Short cuts are excellent if you do not wish to devote a good deal of time to your hair. Care for these appearances is easy: regular wax and hairspray to place the fringe on how you enjoy it.

Two-Block Cuts

hairstyleI see many men around my college using variations on this design. A two-block cut, both sides, and lower spine are cut or shaved thin and short, whereas the crown is left brief (although less short) or moderate in length. What is good about the two-block cut is you can be quite creative about designing your hair. Maintain the fringe up, or perhaps curl it to make a “hipster” look. Medium-length hair appears to be the go-to span for many men. There’s sufficient space for imagination, but upkeep is simple. Some designs, such as K-pop, involve perms for feel and quantity.

The Mohawk

mohawkThis is a timeless style that has developed over time. What started as a punk design is now a mainstream Asian appearance. Notice the way the two-block cut took effect from the timeless Mohawk. There are lots of sorts of Mohawks. You do not need to replicate Super Saiyan 3 to appear great in this traditional style. This cut looks great with long or short spikes and brief or more sides. It makes a man look very good or very awful. It is high-maintenance and proper styling is vital. The classic, right anime appearance entails one right side and a single permed side. Utilize a hair-straightener onto the right side and a perm on the opposite.